The Full Story


Hi, My name Is Lolita Brewer. I am the owner and creator of Allennichole. I created Allennichole off of the words of my mother and grandmother. They were my biggest supporters. unfortunately I lost them and my 4 month old nephew due to a tragic accident on November 4th 2021. They will forever live in my heart and I dedicate Allennichole to them, they are the true reasons why Allennichole exist.  They have always told me to take care of myself, and love on myself, even when no one else would. Sometimes we forget about ourselves when we are so wrapped up around so many other things in life. I am a mother of five wonderful children and the guardian of my beautiful niece. We come together to create products that promotes self love. 



Our mission is to light up the world one candle at a time and to remind each person in this world that they are worthy of self love.


Our Vision is to spread the love of God through the word of God.